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My Story

From my school years onwards, my main interest was Chemistry, which I studied at Surrey University gaining a BSc 1st Class Honours degree. Following three years research, I graduated from Cambridge University with a PhD before moving to California to take up a postdoctoral research post at Stanford University, working for Professor Carl Djerassi, often referred to as ‘the father of the pill’.  Young, arrogant and full of myself, I was starting out on an adventure thinking the world was my oyster!  That dream didn’t last long as, my world as I knew it, came crashing down after three months when I broke my neck whilst playing rugby. The accident left me paralysed down one side of my body.

This led to the first big change in my life; I spent ten months recuperating in hospitals in the USA and the UK. No longer able to continue my laboratory work, I accepted a post in the computing team on returning to Stanford.  It was 1980 and I took the view that computing was the future! A further two years in California was followed by two years at Glasgow University and I joined ICI Pharmaceuticals as a Systems Analyst and software developer working there for twenty two  years.

The second big change in my life began in 2006 when I developed chronic fatigue syndrome and was no longer able to work.

I was retired on grounds of failure of health at the start of 2007.  Needing to be occupied, I was looking for things to do within the limits imposed by the condition and in the summer of 2008 an idea began to emerge and take shape.  I had begun using various complementary therapies from 1994 (herbal remedies, reflexology, hypnotherapy, etc) to maintain my life style.  In 2003, I met Jennifer Warters  Principal of The Academy of Spiritual Sciences, a therapist who would become my tutor. I was introduced to The Emerald Alignment and vibrational toning and began using these therapies on a daily basis. Slowly I began to take responsibility for my own healing and changed my life style as I learned to adapt to the limitations of my disability.

In 2008 I realised that I wanted to train as a holistic healer working with the therapies which had changed my life and my therapist training with The Academy of Spiritual Sciences began.

Today I am interested in working with all people including disabled people and feel that my own experience and acceptance of disability will inspire them to take responsibility for their own healing and creative potential.

Associate Member of Rainbow Light Foundation

Affiliated to Holistic Healers Association

Member of International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine