Advanced Clearing Energetics

What is Advanced Clearing Energetics?

Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) is a set of strategies that help with physical and psychological issues. Developed by Richard Flook, author of “why am I sick”. A remarkable book discussing all aspects of why we become sick and from which the ACE strategies were subsequently developed. ACE assists you in discovering the original stressful event behind your health issue, which has an enormous amount of energy in it. Using the ACE Strategies will help you find the root cause, assist you to clear the emotional and/or physical energy behind the event and help return your body to its natural energetic flow, it natural health.

How does ACE work?

By following the ACE strategies in a clear process, you are able to target stress and release it so your body can begin to heal itself. The process allows you to learn from where your stress originated, transform it and clear the related issues. ACE incorporate the heart, brain, organ and the guts, because that’s were a lot of the emotional energy gets stored. We go back to the original imprint of the problem and clear the reason for the trapped energy to occur in the first place. The result is the body returns back to normality, repairing itself naturally.