Emerald Alignment

The Emerald Alignment

All healing is light transmission.  The Emerald Alignment is a simple, safe and effective method of releasing anxiety and aligning the subtle energy of the body through the emerald ray.  This is a self help method which can be taught to all age groups, used in schools, clinics, residential homes or as part of fitness programmes.  It is important to understand that the alignment exercise is not simply a visualisation technique but rather a transformative process based on scientific principles.  The visualisation process is helpful in sustaining focus to enhance effect; however this also initiates an actual metaphysical process, which we may or may not be aware of.  While many of us place great emphasis on maintaining physical fitness most remain unaware of the need to stabilise and maintain the subtle energy which is the source of life.  The result is that we are running on empty drawing upon limited available resources which are not replenished.

 Principles Of Alignment

 The dictionary definition of alignment is ‘to bring into line’

This may sound like an obvious statement however it reminds us that we are correcting a misalignment.  When we align the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the energy field we are bringing the misaligned atoms and molecules of the lower body into line with a higher vibratory rate, i.e. the governing consciousness.

Consciousness is transmitted as a spectrum of light comprised of rays or beams radiating from the source which is divine, to the mind as the receiver.  We might use the analogy of a computer downloading information in sequence.  Science tells us that all light emits a specific frequency observed through technology as a colour spectrum, the rainbow colours familiar to us.  The spectrum can also be viewed clairvoyantly as a sequence of colours each of which has a specific resonance and affinity.  Specific resonance can therefore be located and identified within the electromagnetic field.

Energy follows thought

When we understand this principle we can use our energy and attention more productively.  If we focus upon a specific ray of the colour spectrum we can draw upon the qualities of this energy to strengthen and enhance the auric field, which is where we store energy.  By focusing our attention to a higher frequency a positive electromagnetic charge is transmitted via the auric field to and through the crown of the head.  The energetic transfer is carried through the spine by the central nervous system to every part of the body, then through the muscles, tissues and organs to the cells.  The effect is to realign the energetic core pattern at the cellular level.

 Emerald is the 5th Ray of the spectrum

Its action is precipitation, linking spirit to matter by realigning the molecular structure to the original source.

 Blue is the 1st Ray of the spectrum

Its action is to seal, strengthen and protect.  It is essential to seal the auric field at the end of the exercise.

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Ways to Use The Emerald Alignment

  • Panic attacks can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Alignment prior to sleep will reduce disturbed sleep, help eliminate nightmares and overcome insomnia.
  • Children can be taught the alignment.  It can be used effectively for behavioural problems, attachment disorders and to restore sleep patterns.
  • The alignment can be used for those with special needs or learning difficulties and is particularly welcomed by the elderly.
  • The Emerald Alignment can be used to good effect in establishing a peaceful environment in the home, in social settings or in the workplace.
  • Use the alignment to deepen individual meditation or as part of a meditation programme.
  • Incorporated into an existing healing practice, the alignment will enhance therapeutic effects.
  • Use the Emerald Alignment before and after dentistry or surgery.